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Besi WF (Wide Flange)
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Specification of Besi WF (Wide Flange)

Wide Iron Flange
Wide Flange Iron is often used in steel construction. Iron WF is one of iron that has a very high strength on compressive strength or tensile strength. It is not surprising that WF iron is made into one of the finest structural elements to withstand load and tensile, such as holding axial tensile load type, axial press. In fact, these irons have a high density that will not be too heavy in load capacity but provide the form of material structure or construction that is used to be more efficient.

Wide Iron Flange

WF steel steel construction system is from a combination of elements or structures are quite complicated. With such a combination, it is helpful in carrying the loads to be more effective and safe from all the forces that occur and then going into the foundation. The style in question is a vertical load, horizontal, temperature difference or vibration and even more. In fact, steel has many important elements that can withstand lateral forces and gravitational forces.

Wide Iron Flange

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