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China Seamless Pipe
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Specification of China Seamless Pipe

China Seamless Pipe
Cheap Seamless pipes in the sense of language are pipes without connections. In the practice of manufacture, seamless pipe is indeed a pipe formed without making a connection at all, so that no part of the pipe has ever been disrupted or changed material due to heat welding. This pipe is made of solid cylindrical steel, which is perforated in almost melting conditions, commonly called billets.

Distributor of seamless pipe

Cheap Seamless Pipe

With the method of making without the join, the resulting pipe can be better because the quality of the resulting steel is almost the same on every surface area of ​​the pipe. In addition, the thickness by using this method, pipe that has any thickness allows to be produced. Usually this type of pipe is made for diameter size under 8 ".

Cheap seamless pipes have been used by humans thousands of years ago. The first pipe exists, used for flowing water from the river to the fields. In China the pipe is used to move water to the desired place, through bamboo since 2000 BC. At the beginning of the 16th century precisely in 1652 water buildings were made in boston using hollow wood as a substitute for steel pipe that has not been found at that time. In 1815 William Murdock used a pipeline to run coal gas used for lighting in London

Distributor of seamless pipe

Seamless iron pipe:
Size: 1/2 "- 36"
Sch: 10, 20, 40, 80, 120, 160, xxs
Length: 6 m - 12 m
Standard: astm a 106 gr.B / astm a53 gr.B / fire 5l gr.B
Material: carbon steel, stainless steell / alloy steel

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